Call for Abstracts – Sixth Annual Khmer Studies Forum

Call for Abstracts – Sixth Annual Khmer Studies Forum – DEADLINE EXTENDED

Location: Ohio, United States
Conference Date: 2013-12-15 (in 25 days)
Date Submitted: 2013-11-15
Announcement ID: 208627

The Sixth Annual Khmer Studies Forum will be held at Ohio University from March 14-16, 2014. The theme of the Sixth Khmer Studies Forum is Cambodia at a Crossroads.

The crossroads theme can and hopefully will be interpreted quite broadly, to include issues of race and ethnicity, politics, national identity, generational differences, border disputes, future studies, etc.

Scholars, artists, filmmakers, and community members are invited to submit abstracts for individual papers, panels, or roundtable discussion groups that explore the various ways in which Cambodia is currently changing and might further transform itself, and the possible consequences of the paths Cambodia and Cambodians may take.

Please submit abstracts to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at by December 15, 2013. For more information and details about the conference, go to or contact Christine Su, CSEAS Director, at

Cambodia has been changing at a rapid pace: urban development is astonishing,foreign investment extensive, environmental destruction staggering. Protests by dissatisfied factory workers and victims of land-grabbing show Cambodians increasing unwillingness to accept injustice; the recent protests over the dubious results of the national elections underlines their desire for reform. Yet this enthusiasm for change is accompanied by anxiety. What will become of Cambodia? Will these changes help or hurt Cambodia? Indeed, Cambodia stands at a crossroads, and these questions cannot easily be answered.

Christine Su
Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Ohio University
Yamada International House 118
Athens, OH 45801
Phone: (740) 593-1841
Visit the website at

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