City of Water – Article in Nakhara: Journal of Environmental Design and Planning

Shelby Elizabeth Doyle


The following is a summary of ongoing research conducted in 2011-2012, funded in part by the Fulbright Program and entitled City of Water: Architecture, Urbanism and the Floods of Phnom Penh. This work documents the relationships between water, architecture, and infrastructure in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The objective of the project is to record the architectural and urban conditions sustained by and subject to the cyclical floods of the city’s rivers and the challenges faced by Phnom Penh as it rapidly urbanizes in a flood plain.


Full Text: PDF 



Table of Contents


Thermal Comfort in the Traditional Rural Bangladesh House PDF
Rumana Rashid, Mohd. Hamdan Bin Ahmed, Sayem Khan
The Architecture of Batak Toba: An Expression of Living Harmoniously PDF
Himasari Hanan, Surjamanto Wonorahardjo
Anthropological View of Architecture: An Alternative Approach to the Study of Architecture and Built Environment PDF
Supakit Yimsrual
Ecological Architecture with Vernacular Character: Contemporary Mud Architecture Practices in Bangladesh PDF
Rumana Afroz, Mohammad Zakaria Ibne Razzaque
Significance of Implicit Socio-cultural Values in Housing Transformation PDF
Tareef Hayat Khan
Suburban Self-sufficient Living: An implementation of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy PDF
Sirimas Hengrasmee
Suan Nai Bangkok Suan Nok Bangchang: Emergence and Transformation of the Chao Phraya Delta’s Orchard Based Floating Markets, Thailand PDF
Luxana Summaniti, Wannasilpa Peerapun, Khaisri Paksukcharern
The Ghostless Garden City: Evaluating the Clean and Green Movement in Singapore PDF
Jun Yi Ong
Study on the Fire-Protection: Characteristics of Green Spaces in Central Sakai City PDF
Misato Kagioka, Yuji Hara, Kazuaki Tsuchiya
Embankment Settlement in Bangladesh: A Study of the Self-generated Pattern of Vernacular Architecture PDF
Masud Ur Rashid, Naimul Aziz
The Future Needs the Past: Problem and Challenges of Post-Cataclysm Heritage Management in Kotagede, Jogjakarta Special Province, Indonesia PDF
Widjaja Martokusumo
City of Water: Architecture, Urbanism and the Floods of Phnom Penh PDF
Shelby Elizabeth Doyle
What I have learned and what I would like to be transferred: Interview with His Excellency Vann Molyvann, Ph.D. PDF
Brian McGrath

ISSN: 1905-7210

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