TEDxPhnomPenh Open Source Graphics

Many hours of graphic design and marketing work went into 2012 TEDxPhnomPenh. Therefore, here are the open source files for other TEDx-ers out there. We ran a bi-lingual campaign though only the English versions are posted here. This work was all volunteer and on the fly – bouncing around between multiple folks. Consequently, there are certainly some unintended errors – regardless – hopefully these can help other TEDx groups trying to get off the ground. For complete graphic regulations please see the official website TEDx > Organizer Resources.

Title Linked to an InDesign (.INDD) or Illustrator (.PDF) – version Adobe CS5.
Sample Image Thumbnail


A2 Speaker Poster


Business Cards – Two Options

TEDxPP_BusinessCard_IconsBackFront_Page_1 TEDxPP_BusinessCard_IconsBackFront_Page_2 TEDxPP_BusinessCard_IconsBackFront_Page_4

Web + Print Logos


A4 Ideas Worth Spreading Cards


Numbered Tickets


Newspaper Ad

Newspaper Ad

A5 Event Program



Sticker_Page_2 Sticker_Page_6

Facebook Covers


A4 Signs for TEDx Lead Up Events

Kounila_Workshop_Final TedNight_A4Poster TranslationWorkshop TweetUp_A6

A4 Signs for Day of Event – Entrance, Food, Toilets Etc.


T-Shirts – General, Volunteer, Organizer Etc.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 4.24.28 PM

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