Monivong subway project postponed

Source: Phnom Penh Post
Thursday, 27 September 2012
 Siv Meng

An artist’s impression of the subway’s project at the intersection between Monivong and Russian Federation boulevards. Photograph supplied

The proposed Russian Federation subway, near the Canadia Tower, to route traffic underneath Monivong boulevard has been postponed because of its potential impact on clean-water supplies and optic-cable networks.

“Now technical officials at Phnom Penh Municipality are studying many options in order to avoid traffic congestion there after the first drawing plan was cancelled,” said Long Dymong, a spokman at Phnom Penh Municipality, adding that they are studying and looking for other alternatives before drawing up the plans and estimating costs for this project.

“This project will be implemented after the Steung Meanchhey flyover project is finished. The funding for the subway project is from rental fees of land leased to the developer OCIC at Chroy Changvar for a satellite-city development,” he added.

Phnom Penh Municipality had planned to launch the construction project at the end of this year. The subway plans were complete, but they were cancelled after the study found that the project would hit both clean-water pipes and optic-cable networks. In the original plans, the subway is a 300-metre dual carriageway.

“The first drawing plan was cancelled because of the impacts mentioned,” said Touch Samnang, the project manager of Koh Pich Satellite City.

“Now we don’t know when the project will start, because we are waiting for the outcome of Phnom Penh Municipality’s study,” he said.

Sam Piseth, director of Phnom Penh Municipal department of Public Works and Transportation, declined to comment, saying he was busy.

“The construction of a flyover and subway in Phnom Penh is a good way to lessen traffic congestion, but the government should also make more effort to educate people about traffic laws because even with flyovers and subways, we will not be able to totally deal with traffic congestion unless people respect traffic laws,” said Dith Channa, general manager at VMC Real Estate.

“Although the traffic in Phnom Penh is getting better now, education about traffic law and punishment should be strengthened to everyone, not only to the poor,” he said.

“Now motor and car drivers, especially tuk-tuk drivers, drive in every lane. They don’t know which lane they belong to. That’s why the traffic is very bad.”

To contact the reporter on this story: Siv Meng

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