Water Curse or Blessing!? Exhibit

Water Curse or Blessing?! is an exhibition traveling to Phnom Penh from Berlin, Germany for the Our City Festival. The project brings together voices from the Asia-Pacific region to reflect on the issues of water and the environmental and social impact. The exhibition presents 25 infrastructural, architectural, planning, and artistic projects with exemplary local, problem-orientated solutions which have been implemented in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Emirates, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Australia.

A workshop parallels the exhibition and features dialogues between exhibiting designers and architects from the Asia-Pacific region and Cambodian architecture/arts students and professionals. Exhibition and workshops are curated and implemented by Manolis House in collaboration with the festival.

Here is the website from the original Aedes exhibition. Thank you to the Heinrich Böll Foundation for their support of this project.

The challenge of this exhibit was that the original work, sent to us via PDF – in English and German – needed to be combined with the Khmer translation and installed in a space large enough to accomodate the 27 panels (1 m x .8 m). In the original exhibitions the panels were installed on the wall. However, here we re-conceived of them as boxes and installing them in the garden of No Problem Park, a French Colonial era villa – with the intent of making them more accessible to the public than they would be in a typical gallery space.

Our City Festival

Our City Festival photos by Vin Dao.


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