Phnom Penh – Our City Festival – Urban Currents: Art, Architecture + Ideas

The program for the 2012 Our City Festival, Urban Currents: Art, Architecture + Ideas is now available! You are invited to the festival launch: 630 PM, 28 September 2012, at No Problem Park, Street 178 across the road from RUFA.

(I also have a few pieces in the Festival, see below.)

Mekong Flux

Shelby E. Doyle
Video + Installation

Mekong Flux is a time lapse video of photos taken once a week from a ferry dock in Phnom Penh. It documents the rise of the Mekong River for 25 weeks from April to September 2012. The video is coupled with an installation which graphs the rise of the water and makes occupiable the 10 meter depth change of the Mekong River. By placing this installation in the city the volumetric magnitude of the water is understood in relation to the scale of the surrounding buildings. Seeing the water as an object diagrammed onto the city reveals the temporal and spatial nature of the city’s relationship to water. This installation aims to draw attention to how daily and seasonal flood events change our perceptions and interactions with urban space.

Exhibition Opening 6:30pm Friday, September 28 Multiple Streams: A Confluence  No Problem Park No. 55 Street 178, Phnom Penh Open everyday, 10am ‐ 6pm

Water Curse or Blessing?!

An exhibition traveling to Phnom Penh from Berlin, Germany for the Our City Festival. The project brings together voices from the Asia-Pacific region to reflect on the issues of water and the environmental and social impact. The exhibition presents 25 infrastructural, architectural, planning, and artistic projects with exemplary local, problem-°©‐orientated solutions which have been implemented in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Emirates, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Australia.

A workshop parallels the exhibition and features dialogues between exhibiting designers and architects from the Asia‐Pacific region and Cambodian architecture/arts students and professionals. Additional support from Heinrich Böll Foundation

Originally created and exhibited at AEDES in Berlin, Germany as part of Asia Pacific. The exhibition has been designed to travel and will be shown in India throughout 2012 and in other Asian capitals such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in 2012 and 2013.

Urban Lab/Living Archive Curated by Shelby E. Doyle

During the festival the ground floor of Bophana will become an architecture gallery and living archive displaying the projects and ideas developed by the Urban Lab Interns and projects from international universities about Phnom Penh. The goal is to bring together young architects to talk about the future of Phnom Penh and to gather urban resources for Phnom Penh in a single place to promote the discussion of architecture and urban design in the city.

The Our City Festival Urban Lab is the result of a series of summer workshops and culminates with a final workshop and exchange as part of Water: Curse or Blessing?! displayed at No Problem Park.

A large collection of Architecture and Design books donated by Manolis House

Exhibition Opening 5pm Saturday, September 29 Bophana AudioVisual Resource Centre 64 Street 200, Okhnia Mén, Phnom Exhibition open 8am – 6pm everyday

Urban Interventions

Shelby E. Doyle and Collective Studio: Eva Lloyd and Giacomo Butte

Public Intervention: Tuk tuk displays, Monday, October 1

Urban Interventions aims to improve urban space in Phnom Penh. The work is a collection of images and text; interventions into the urban realm, as ‘food for thought,’ addressing potential scenarios for the future Phnom Penh. Images are installed as ‘advertisements’ on tuk‐tuks which travel the city throughout the day sharing these ideas with the public they are designed to serve.

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