Authority to Refine Beauty Along City’s Drainage/Sewage Canal

Source Wednesday, 05 Sep 2012 10:53

Garden construction projects and ditch environment refining project from Boeung Salang ditch to Boeung Tompun pumping station were presented by Urbanization office of Phnom Penh Capital Hall under high presentation of H.E KEP Chuktema, Phnom Penh governor. These projects are discussed because of some complicated situation such as narrow street which make the authority difficult to intervene in case that is a fire or urgent case.

Officer of Urbanization office identified that the distance from Boeung Salang core drainage/sewage to Boeung Tompun pumping station is 4960m in which there was part of it renovated by JICA from Street 336 to Boeung Tompun pump station is 1311m. Based on the study, the refining process is divided into 5 phases because the situation along the ditch is different from one place to another.

By referring to the problem discussing, H.E KEP Chuktema pushed to refine core ditches in Phnom Penh through the re-construction and reparation for promoting Phnom Penh capital as a clean city. The project on ditch decoration is really necessary to promote the living condition of citizens for a better environment as well as the beauty of the city. Moreover, the governor transferred the responsibility to Urbanization office to design detail master plan on ditch decoration project and disseminate the advantages of this project to the citizens to ensure that the environment along the ditch is clean and no wrong disposal.

The construction of garden along Boeung Salang ditch from Boeung Chas lake to Boeung Tompun pumping station are for many objectives such as creating suitable way in case of fire or emergency, decorating the environment of the Capital, reducing wrong disposal and preventing informal temporary habitation. This project gets support by citizens and was also discussed during monthly meeting of Phnom Penh Capital Hall on September 3rd, 2012 in which the Department of Water Resources is responsible to design detail project related to ditch bank decoration before constructing the garden.


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