Driving Phnom Penh

If there is an argument that cities have speeds from which they should be viewed – if New York should be seen by foot,  Los Angeles by car, Copenhagen by bike – then Phnom Penh should be seen by moto. The speed and scale of a moto make sense here – this isn’t a city of walkers and cars isolate you from the noise, the heat, the sounds and the smells so inherent to the experience of traveling the city.

So here is Phnom Penh via Honda Super Cub.

Super Cub

Go Pro

I drove for about 2 hours and the camera was set to take 1 photo per second – about 7,200 stills. I cut some of them into quick videos. After the Our City Festival and Urban Lab Phnom Penh wrap up I’ll try to put together the route map and maybe something a little more coherent and less spastic. I was really hoping for some rain and flooding footage but the rain gods are uncooperative. Nevertheless it was good fun.

A big thank you to Dan Korn for lending me his HD Hero 2 Go Pro. Here is some of the footage:

Length of the sewage canal north to south.

Canal Street 105 from Shelby Doyle on Vimeo.

From Phnom Penh to Takmao on National Highway 1. 100 meters to my left is the Basaac River and 100 meters to my right several thousand hectares of wetlands. Notice you can see neither and everything in sight is paved. This is the site for the studio I’m teaching this semester Projecting Phnom Penh –Description.

Phnom Penh ToTa Khmao from Shelby Doyle on Vimeo.

Some shots slowed down and spliced together.

Random from Shelby Doyle on Vimeo.

And here is the entire 2 hours compressed into 10 minutes – a little manic.

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