Kep Expo February 2013

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– To participate in collecting and safeguarding Cambodian heritage, as a way to move forward for future generation through movies documentary, short movies interviews…
-By redrawing this unique city, by collecting testimonies of people who used to know Kep, by focusing on the original development of this exceptional seaside spot, the project aims to approach the full story of Kep as a very special display of the rise and fall of the New Khmer Architecture. Remembering is a way to discover and rewrite a lost chapter of the modern Cambodian history, previously to the war and the Khmer Rouge regime.
– To build capacity of young Cambodian artists and architects, through a creative collaboration with European professionals and students.
-The “Multimedia” workshop will provide them with technical tools and artistic skills to know how to define a subject or a theme of a film or photographic series. Professionals will “coach” the young applicants up to the definitive choice of the works to be exposed.
-Through the “Architecture” workshop, Europeans and Cambodians participants will share their personal ap-proach, their own vision of Kep and explore the history to draw visible sketches of old houses, create housing models and imagine the upcoming Kep.

Company Overview

VIMANA-CAMBODIA is a newly registered local non-governmental organization involved in the conservation, the development and the promotion of the Cambodian popular, cultural and historic heritage. Its various activi-ties take place in Cambodia and abroad in order to propagate to the Cambodians, as well as foreigners, the human usefulness of arts and culture, to collaborate and exchange with nationa

l and international partner organizations, to promote each networking opportunity to work together, to share knowledge and experiences with the next generations. To reach its goals, VIMANA is undertaking a meticulous work of research, identification and selection of audio-visual archives relating to Cambodia, to make them available to the public, through the organization of cultural events in Cambodia and abroad in artistic, audio-visual, architectural and historical fields. Since dialogue and exchange are the foundation of a rich and strengthened artistic experience, VIMANA also plans to implement training workshops for Cambodian youth, with the support of professional European artists, aiming at improving their skills and with the objective to participate in the re-birth of Cambodia’s professionalism in the arts.
Our project results from collaboration between France and Cambodia to create in Phnom Penh, a Multimedia and Architecture exhibition dedicated to Kep City, renowned as one of the most charming Cambodian Riviera location in the Sixties. Kep is both a symbol and a synthesis of Cambodia’s modern history. There is no place without memory and Kep is not an exception. Kep has its mystery; it is a short-lived souvenir of a Cambodian Golden Age. A bright celestial body suddenly faded, which seems set into the remains of vast forsaken houses. What are these ruins? What happened to this place? How do the people live there today? What future do they dream of? KEP EXPO searches for history, present and future of Kep. In 2013, Cambodia will celebrate its 60th Independence Day. KEP EXPO is a cultural cross-curricular project. Two collaborative workshops will be set up: “Architecture and Urbanism“ and “Multimedia and Archives”, involving extensive artistic exchanges between European professionals and Cambodian students, photographers, filmmakers, and architects. This event is an exciting archaeological journey through modernity. Cambodian and European participants to the workshops will lead the visible to reveal the invisible: past, present, and potential for Kep development.

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