Hiroshima House Library

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“After the atomic bombardment of Hiroshima, an American peace activist Dr. Schmoe rebuilt several houses in the destroyed city. They were called “Hiroshima Houses“. In them were portrayed the most radical liberty and dignity of architecture. The Hiroshima House which the citizens of Hiroshima are now building in Phnom Penh might be conceived as an international extension to Dr. Schmoe’s Hiroshima Houses. This will function as an archive gallery for both Hiroshima’s destruction and of the holocaust by Pol Pot, containing an orphanage, school of peace, accommodational facilities, and a woodwork studio. Architecture is not everlasting, but for some moments in history it could function as a resting place for memories of the people.” – Osamu ISHIYAMA Source: http://ishiyama.arch.waseda.ac.jp/www/en/hiroshimahouse.html

Article about the architect Osamu Ishiyama (+ photo of model. Thanks to Geoff Pyle for tracking this down)

Hiroshima House Wat Ounalom

Hiroshima House Wat Ounalom

Hiroshima House Wat Ounalom

Hiroshima House Wat Ounalom

Hiroshima House Wat Ounalom

Hiroshima House Wat Ounalom



Hiroshima House Wat Ounalom

Hidetoshi Ito, general manager of Hiroshima House located in central Phnom Penh, said about 210 illustrated children’s books, mostly of Japanese folktales, have been translated into Cambodia’s Khmer language since last November by some 38 Cambodian students studying Japanese. Designed for multifunctional use, including for language teaching and educational exhibitions, the five-story building was constructed bit by bit by Hiroshima volunteers visiting the country between 1995 and 2006, when it was completed. In addition to providing lodging and various courses for Cambodians, the facility has a museum and a Japanese library. Source: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20100831f3.html


4 thoughts on “Hiroshima House Library

  1. so phim says:

    it look like shit terrible?why build it in wat?
    whats the point?

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Great photos for an amazing space!

  3. so this is not currently being used?

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