Inundation: Jakarta + Bangkok

A friend of mine from UVA just ran a summer studio in Jakarta and Bangkok – cities facing many of the same issues as Phnom Penh. Check out their work:


Research Initiative
Principal Investigators: Dr. Etienne Turpin and Professor Meredith Miller

Introduction to Research Initiative

The Architecture + Adaptation: Designing for Hypercomplexity Research Initiative examines the intersections of extreme environmental circumstances and creative architectural production. Focusing on highly-dense urban locations that face the regular and damaging occurrence of inundation, the project will document the constituent forces and effects that pose challenges to normative architectural production. Relying heavily on situated research and observation through visual production, we conduct intensive site-based research and produce visual documentation and analysis of inundation effects on urban and architectural compositions.

The primary aim for the research initiative is to locate potential moments for architecture to intervene, as a mediation, adaptation, or coordination with ecological circumstances that operate at such a large scale and level of complexity that architecture tends to be disregarded as a potential agent of influence. As architecture struggles to find ways to exercise agency through socially and environmentally responsible practices, and as the discipline attempts to reorganize its commitments in the face ecological collapse, the Architecture + Adaptation: Designing for Hypercomplexity Research Initiative mobilizes collaborative, engaged, situated research to advance the pedagogical model of architecture education beyond the studio, and to build new connections for architecture research today.

Our research initiative is driven by primary site driven research, seminar and studio course development, publications and exhibitions. The first in a series of research courses – INUNDATION Jakarta/Bangkok – is described in greater detail below.


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