Future of Phnom Penh

Final student work from the seminar I taught this term – check it out! Future of Phnom Penh

The Future of Phnom Penh is a collection of conceptual and analytical drawings and writings about contemporary urban conditions in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The work that follows was produced by architecture and urban planning students during a semester long seminar taught in Phnom Penh during Spring 2012 and entitled A Contemporary History of Urban Planning + The Future of Phnom Penh.

01 What is Urban Planning? (Writing)
02 Phnom Penh Master Plan Comparison (Writing)
03 Phnom Penh What Can’t Be Mapped? (Images + Description)
04 Phnom Penh What is Disappearing? (Images + Description
05 Phnom Penh Master Plan 2050 – Table of Contents (Writing)
06 Phnom Penh Public Service Announcement (Images + Description)
07 Phnom Penh: Archigram Style Collage (Images + Description)
08 Phnom Penh: What is Sustainability? (Writing or Image)
09 Phnom Penh Park Proposals (Images + Writing)
10 Phnom Penh + Jane Jacobs: Seeds of Resilience (Writing)
11 Phnom Penh as Video Game (Images + Writing)

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