EU provides €3.45 mln to assist flood victims

Source: Cambodia Herald

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) – The European Commission announced Tuesday five projects to assist 70,000 victims of last year’s exceptional floods which affected an estimated 1.7 million people across the country.

A statement said the projects would cost €3.45 million and be implemented by Oxfam GB, the French Red Cross, ACTED, World Vision UK and an NGO consortium led by Danish Church Aid.

The aid is in addition to €2.5 million in immediate aid and is part of the €11 million provided to Cambodia and other countries affected, namely Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines.

“While the waters may have now receded the humanitarian needs have not,” EU Ambassador Jean-Francois Cautain said. “People are still in need and it is essential that we help re-establish livelihoods so that people can get back on their feet again.”

The statement said the aid would cover 12 provinces and range from basic health care to repairing wells. Some people will get seeds to replant fields, others will get small grants to buy farm animals or restock small businesses, it added.


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