Resilient Cambodia


All donations are tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponor, From the Heart Productions!


Sueno Relief was founded on the belief that every voice should be heard. We are producing this documentary in order to capture a critical time in Cambodian history, focusing on current issues that impact this vulnerable community. Through telling these powerful stories, we ensure that these resilient voices do not continue to go unnoticed.

“Resilient Cambodia” will tell the moving stories of 5 artists struggling in the wake of a tragic legacy of genocide, a current clean water crisis, and the growing tide of international influence. Art is vital to any culture, especially one such as Cambodia where art is not just a result of creative fancy, but a clear indicator of its overall health and wellbeing. These artists are living symbols of their community’s heart and history, and carry their culture’s history and identity in their practice. This film will examine the struggles of these vital but overlooked individuals, while upholding sustainable, locally-empowering organizations and responsible tourism as a road towards a bettered community.

Many know that during the Khmer Rouge’s four year reign of terror in the late 70’s, nearly 2 million Cambodians were killed (1/3 of their population). Most, however, are not aware that 90% of Khmer artists and intellectuals, who had been in the midst of a golden age, were targeted and killed. In the 30 years since, political infighting and severe poverty threaten to keep this beautiful and ancient culture silent forever. Recently the country has begun to rebuild, but progress has been slowed by a clean water crises that rivals the worst in the world and is compounded by the rush of international tourism that threatens to homogenizewhat used to be called “the Pearl of Asia”.

By supporting this film, you will be giving a voice to the unheard in this world. You can help an entire culture stand stronger and provide hope for the future. Through telling the stories of traditional and cutting edge Cambodian artists, we are examining the health of a culture at a critical time . With your help, we can make these important voices heard throughout the world.  


Two team members are flying to Cambodia from the US and are in the hiring process for two more, possibly local Cambodians, to make up the rest of the crew. The shoot will last five weeks, from October 27 to November 29, just in time for the Water Festival in the capital, Phnom Penh. From there, we will travel to the Sihanoukville province (beachy tourist attraction), then to the outskirts of the province of Siem Reap (very rural).

To make “Resilient Cambodia” a reality, we need $19,000! This is an adventurously small budget, but we are confident we can do this without sacrificing quality story telling.

What this covers

Film and Camera Equipment, Water Analysis Equipment: $6,000

Plane tickets and domestic transportation: $4,000

Film Permit, Insurance, Business Visas, Emergency: $2,000

Food and Accommodation (4 people x 5 weeks): $4,000

Vaccinations: $2,000

Translator, Additional Crew (incl. tips): $1,500

Donation of goods to on-site Organizations: $500

Fundraising Fees: $1,000

What this does not cover, but could if we exceed our goal

Additional Crew (2nd camera operator from US or Cambodia): $1,500 +

More/Better Equipment (lenses, sound recording, etc): $500 +

More Locations (Kampong Chhnang, Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap Lake): $1,000 +

Bigger Donations (much needed water testing equipment, art supplies, etc): $500 +

Side Projects (short travel/adventure pieces focusing on sustainability, for example): $500 +

Marketing (ads, printed material, outreach, website design and hosting): $700 +

Administration (office supplies, biz cards, grant application fees): $1,100 +

Post Production: $1,500 +++

Please take a look at the magnificent perks we offer as a thank you for donating. We really want to give them to you in exchange for your generosity!!

We’d like to take this time to add that we are not paying ourselves in any part of this budget! Because we feel very strongly that these stories need to be told, we are going unpaid unless a miracle happens (we like miracles).  Each penny raised  through your generous donations will go directly toward the making of this this documentary.  And, remember, all donations to this project are tax deductible.


To provide irrefutable data alongside the poignant anecdotes told by our subjects, a recurring water theme will be used as an indicator of the country’s health and wellbeing. For each artist we follow, we will use professional water analysis to determine the contaminant(s) of their individual water sources, and study the effects of each. In this way we provide irrefutable numbers that back up the visual circumstances.

“Resilient Cambodia” will advocate responsible tourism and sustainable charities as a solution that viewers can be a part of through action or other support. We have been in contact with and will highlight some incredible organizations who support and bolster local communities including Let Us Create, Journeys Within our Community, Anjali House, Meta House and more.

Your donation is needed to make this project a reality and to facilitate the telling of these unique stories. In addition to your financial support, we need your help spreading the word. If you’ve read this far, you care. So take it one more step and post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and email every single person you’ve ever met!

Thank you and please stay tuned for updates!


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