Data Visualization Tools


Gapminder – Statistics like you’ve never seen them before, thanks to Hans Rosling. Gapminder creates moving bubble charts so you can track the progress of different countries over time. It includes a huge number of indicators pre-loaded into the system, so you don’t even have to go looking for data.

Tableau Public – A great tool for making interactive charts. Data can be displayed in a range of different ways (geographic maps, heat maps, bar charts, bubble charts, etc) and related data can be linked together. The finished interactive charts can then be shared online. Includes geographic maps for Cambodia.

Prezi – Actually a presentation tool, but can also be used to make zooming charts. WARNING: Excessing use of Prezi can cause motion sickness.

Many Eyes – Lots of simple online tools for making quick visualisations of both quantitative and qualitative data.

Sources of data

International data

UN Data – The first place to look for all data collected by UN agencies.

Human Development Reports – Data on a wide range of development indicators. Can be viewed as interactive charts and also downloaded as tables.

WHO Global Health Observatory – Data on health indicators collected by the WHO. Available in a fully searchable database that can also be downloaded as tables.

World Bank Data Catalogue – A wide range of data collections on economic development, financial and other indicators.

Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index – Data on the perceived level of government corruption in countries.

OECD Query Wizard for International Development Statistics (QWIDS) – A searchable database on aid funds donated by OECD countries. You can search by donor country, recipient country, topic that the aid money was used for, and even compare aid commitments with the actual amount given.

Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration (2011) – Data on aid effectiveness indicators set during the Paris Declaration, including country level results for Cambodia.

Cambodian data

National Population Census– All the latest census data is available online in a searchable database. Includes a wide range of indicators, not just population figures.

CAMInfo – Data from many different surveys all in one searchable database.

Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey (CSES) – Data on a range of socioeconmic indicators such as poverty, education, labour, etc.

Cambodian Demographic Health Survey (CDHS) – Data on health indicators, and particularly health knowledge and behaviours, including fertility, family planning, adult and child mortality, nutrition, HIV/AIDS etc.

Cambodia Millennium Development Goals Reports – Data on all the MDG indicators, drawn from a range of sources.

CCC Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Contributions to the Development of Cambodia Report (2011) – Data on NGO operations in Cambodia, including the estimated number of NGOs and CSOs, focus areas, size of populations served, and budgets.

Violence Against Women Survey (2009) – Data on all forms of violence against women in Cambodia, including domestic violence and rape.

Program and cost effectiveness data

The Cochrane Collaboration – Systematic reviews of many different health interventions and programs.

The Campbell Collaboration – Systematic reviews on education, health and social policy and programs.

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) – A great source of impact evaluations and systematic reviews on development programs.

Givewell – Conducts evidence based reviews of NGO programs.

WHO-CHOICE – A database of all WHO cost-effectiveness data, by region.

World Bank Independent Evaluation Group – Impact ratings for all World Bank programs completed since 1981. Can be viewed as a Tableau Public visualisation, or downloaded as tables.

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