Angkor Car – Made in Cambodia

My students told me about this today. Apparently the shop is near Olympic Stadium? Tiny gold two seater…


“First car factory in Cambodia will be sold the first time to the local market in 2012. This factory is made by Khmer people and just be import some materials from abroad. Angkor car are made to be used electricity and can save about 80 percent if compare to gasoline. We can charge battery to this car for about 40 to 60 Kilo vat. And in reality, the regular car need about $10 for 100km driving while Angkor car just need about $2 of battery charging. Angkor car will be just sold $5000 per unit. And it is expected to be popular in Cambodia for supporting Khmer car product. Actually, Mr …. Build 3 cars on his hand in 2002, 2003 and 2010 and it works so well. Had had no machine and labor. And he alone could build car successfully. So he has expectation on the car factory which will sell to the local market in 2012. For sooner, he hopes this car will be exported to abroad in order to compete with other modern cars. We are Khmer and believe in Khmer talent, so please keep supporting to our product and particularly, this car can save the environment from bad pollution. On the other hand, the user can save more money on spending to high price of gasoline.”


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