CHOចរ ‘Traffic Accident vs. Road Safety’ at Equinox


Opening 6-9pm Sunday, May 13

Equinox Bar and Gallery (downstairs)

#3A, Street 278, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CHOចរ is a story and the reflection of road safety and traffic accident in Cambodia, told by four founding artists from Trotchaek Pneik collective, Hiek VILA , Chonn RAVY, Roeum SOKHOM and Vin SINAT. Traffic accident and road safety are the critical issues in Cambodian society. Crashes images become normal discussion topics in Cambodia. Motorcycle parts littered across the road, overturned tuk-tuks and rear-ended cars are the part of the stories circulated around among the local and international people. The number of crashes, fatalities and disabilities is upsetting.

Few years ago, 18, 287 casualties were recorded, including 1,816 fatalities. Motorcycles were involved in 66 percent of road crashes reported. The annual economic cost of road crashes in 2010 was estimated at 279 million USD, an increase of 13 percent compared to 2009. CHOចរ (Khmer: Walk/go) is a campaign series to raise the awareness and to remind, both drivers and riders to be very protective and careful while traveling.

With this series the four founding artists explores a theme with large canvases, previously exhibiting at the Meta House gallery. The artists have their own styles and experimenting different techniques [black ink and Oil color] on canvases. Traffic accidents sounds harsh, but the artworks are very calm but powerful.

Follow this link to see all the artworks: [series of cho on flickr]

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