What is the white foam at the Boeng Trabek Pumping Station down on Highway 2?

My students tell me it is ‘soap put in the water by the government to clean it’… A hopeful thought, but unlikely…
Initially, I thought it was some sort of industrial waste. However, it is at the end of the Trabek sewage canal, so I can only assume the worst?

Here on Google Maps. It’s a large enough area to be seen on Google Earth.

Boeng Trabek Pumping Station

Boeng Trabek Pumping Station

Boeng Trabek Pumping Station

Down the street from the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (tower at far left).

Boeng Trabek Pumping Station

Boeng Trabek Pumping Station

JICA plan for Boeng Trabek including pumping station.

5 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS?

  1. Dan Korn says:

    I prefer to see only the 2nd picture and think of it as icebergs.

  2. j4p4n2 says:

    I concur. Icebergs.

  3. I think I may have seen that on the way to visiting the Killing Fields, maybe same location, maybe different. My guess is runoff from textile factories since. They have to wash all the raw fabrics and often the final garments with the industrial soaps, and it has to drain somewhere…

  4. Shelby Doyle says:

    From an environmental engineer friend: “Oh fragrant foamy sewage, doesn’t it give you a sense of luxury, as if someone upstream had just been using a big bathtub? You normally get foam like that whenever you stir and oxygenate water with high organic contents, so you see it in the primary basins of high-tech wastewater treatment plants, polluted water ways with turbulence, and you can even get it in uncontaminated rivers with lots of dissolved organics/tannings, but of course the mixture in a polluted river/canal is much more substantial. I’d think that much of it is actually caused by detergents and soaps, which I’m sure that there is quite a bit of in Boeng Trabek.”

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