Architectural LOLCat Phnom Penh

This is a slight digression from the research – but hey, it promotes architecture in Phnom Penh!
More New Khmer Architecture here. Modeling by Toast.





Gordon Meowtta -Clark

Buckmeowster Fuller - space cat monohex portal

BIG Lego Cat

how corbu really got his scar


sfmoma: #LOLcats meet architecture = YES, PLEASE. See more here. (We made our own. If you feel like making one, photo reply with it, for the love of all things pure.)

sfmoma: Another SFMOMA staff cat! This kitty is named Gertrude, after (you guessed it) Gertrude Stein.


Oscar Niemeyower flees his own museum.

oscar niemeower

OMA and Bruce Meow

National Paw-ssembly Building


BOSS cat

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