Water Conferences

April 16-18: Water Security, Risk and Society International Water Security Conference, April 16-18 in Oxford, UK. www.eci.ox.ac.uk
Water security is a defining challenge for society in the 21st century. The ancient struggle to cope with water access and shocks is now magnified by global change to societies, economies and climate at multiple scales.

The International Conference on Water Security, Risk and Society will be held April 16-18th 2012 at the University of Oxford. The event will convene many of the world’s thought leaders from science, policy and enterprise to understand the status of and pathways to water security at multiple scales.

The conference offers a platform for 200 academics, policymakers and business leaders to respond to society’s pressing water security challenges by (i) taking stock of the evidence base informing policy choices and strategic business decisions; and (ii) establishing investment priorities for science-policy-enterprise partnerships. The conference fosters exchange across developed and developing countries and regions, seeking to identify and elucidate global interdependencies between different socio-economic and cultural contexts.

April 21-22: Global Health & Innovation Conference 2012. Presented by Unite for Sight, @ Yale University. http://www.uniteforsight.org/conference.
2,200 participants from all 50 states and from more than 55 countries who are immersed in global health and international development, public health, medicine, social entrepreneurship, nonprofits, philanthropy, microfinance, human rights, anthropology, health policy, advocacy, public service, environmental health, and education.
Company Overview

The Unite For Sight Global Health & Innovation Conference is a must-attend, thought-leading conference that convenes leaders, changemakers, and participants from all fields of global health, international development, and social entrepreneurship

April 27: The Glass Half Full: Valuing Water in the 21st Century, Tufts and UMass Amherst water symposium. April 27, 2012. www.tufts.edu/water/symposium.
The theme for this year’s symposium is The Glass Half Full: Valuing Water in the 21st Century. Students, academics, and professionals in the greater Boston area and across the nation from the public, private, and non-governmental sectors will join us to explore the various complex and interlinking factors of valuing water throughout developed and developing nations.

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