Water in Phnom Penh: Symposium Saturday

Saturday 31 March
5pm @ Reyum – #47 Street 178

Introduction by co-organizer, architect & researcher from Harvard University, USA, Shelby E. Doyle (10 min): City of Water: Architecture, Infrastructure and the floods of Phnom Penh
Cheam Phanin from the Municipality of Phnom Penh (15 min):
Overview on past and current master plans of the city of Phnom Penh and the way they address water as part of city planning.

Introduction to the city’s water systems for managing fresh water, wastewater, drainage and flooding, and who bears responsibility for those systems.

Architect Mr. Boras (15 min):
How has water been traditionally incorporated into building design in Cambodian architecture?

Urban Planner Tep Makathy (15 min):
Urban Water Supply Management: From a Ruined State to a Champion, a Case of Cambodia

Nico Bakker from the Mekong River Commission, Cambodia (15 min):
Potential medium to long-term flood impacts by development incorporating climate change for Phnom Penh.



One thought on “Water in Phnom Penh: Symposium Saturday

  1. […] Introduction Presentation PDF from Saturday’s Symposium at Reyum: Water + the City: Relating to Water in Phnom Penh Past, Present and Future. […]

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