Architects Rebuild: Disaster Plan Grant Program


Disaster Plan Grant Program

Does your city have a Disaster Response Plan? Do you know what it is? How will your city’s architects respond in a disaster event?

Architecture for Humanity and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) are proud to announce the Disaster Plan Grant Program. The grant is a part of the organizations’ Disaster Resiliency and Recovery Program, which will coordinate advocacy, education, and training to help architects make effective contributions to communities preparing for, responding to, and rebuilding after disaster. The AIA and Architecture for Humanity are focused on providing the necessary resources to improve existing disaster plans for architects that can better utilize their skills in disaster response environments and allow architects to serve as leaders in their community.

The goal of the Disaster Plan Grant Program is to support the development and implementation of an architect driven disaster plan in cities across the United States. Funds may be used to engage disaster management professionals, train architects, document past disaster response activity, or design advocacy campaigns that will advance the role of architects in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

Any state or local component or chapter of Architecture for Humanity or the AIA is eligible to apply and successful applicants will receive grants between $1000 and $2000 to help execute their proposal. Additionally, staff from AIA National and Architecture for Humanity will be available to help document, promote and celebrate projects as they unfold.



Who can apply for this Grant?

AIA components and Architecture for Humanity chapters in the United States are welcome to submit a proposal for their local Disaster Plan that will provide direct leadership and assistance by architects in the event of a natural or humanitarian event. Submit now.

How do I apply for the Grant?

The grant application is found within the Submit Proposal tab. The application and documentation will be submitted online. The process is quick and easy. Submit now.

How do I find an AIA component or Architecture for Humanity chapter?

We encourage collaboration between neighboring components and chapters. Visit theResources page to view a list of component and chapter contacts.

Can I apply as an international component/chapter?

Unfortunately at this time the grant funds are exclusively for US components/chapters. We encourage you to develop your disaster plan and use theResources on this website to assist your local communities.


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