Phnom Penh Urban Voice Task Force


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Urban Voice Task Force
2pm @ Baitong Restaurant #7 st 360

The voluntary task force consists of people interested in developing the site and engaging in the development of Phnom Penh. Learn new technical skills, know what’s going on in the city, and be part of a new exciting project!

The Urban Voice Task Force is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of Urban Voice!
Become an Urban Voice Task Force Volunteer
Being a part of the Urban Voice Task Force can be put on your CV!
Broaden your contacts & friends!

Technical skills:
learn new skills for internet use e.g. blogging / social networking
Learn about open source software
Learn about Ushahidi, crowdmapping and crowdsourcing

Support and help organise focus campaigns:
e.g. blackouts [see our attached focus campaign leaflets!]
Have you got any ideas for a new campaigns?

Perhaps you can present Urban Voice to other people? Other students at your university? Or other people in your organisation?

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