Khmer for Architects

Attempts at working in Khmer in Phnom Penh. In no particular order.

I am an architect.
Knom jee-a stapat’yakor.
architecture stapat’yakom
downstairs kaang grown
upstairs kaang leu
ceiling bpee dame
floor et
wall choochean
ground floor joan grown
first floor joan bee mois
roof dam boul
sidewalk plow daw
kitchen boon toop t’wer m’haob
bathroom boon toop teuk
bedroom boon toop keean
window bongcuit
door  twea
light bulb ampule plung
house plan plung p’tayah
kong juk glass
to paint lee-up t’nam
to build a wall choon chean
render cement bok cement
steel dike
aluminum aluminium
light switch kong dok pleung
wood chu
to build a house sangsong p’tayah
shiny pluum
rough cha’reu
to weld psa dike
carpenter jeean chu
electrician jeaan pleung
plumber jeaan dteuk
welder jeean dike
manager mayka
contractor mayka sangsong
straight dtrou 
bpoa-a k’maow
white bpoa-a so-or
gold bpoa-a meah
orange bpoa-a groach
maroon bpoa-a chee-am j’rook
sky blue bpoa-a p’dtai mayk
gray bpoa-a bpro-or peh
brown bpoa-a t’naot
red bpoa-a groo-or ho-orm
blue bpoa-a kee-aw
green bpoa-a bai dto-orng
yellow bpoa-a leu-ung

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