Phnom Penh Drainage + Wastewater Treatmant

“A study by the Ministry of the Environment of Cambodia estimated that 20% of the total daily vegetable consumption of Phnom Penh comes from BC Ek Lake and two smaller wetlands within the city (Muong, 2004). Therefore these waste water fed aquatic vegetables are, despite their potential health risks, very important in supplying the city’s vegetable markets and thus meeting the demands of the growing population of Phnom Penh.”

“Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, is surrounded by wetlands into which over 1 million m3 of the city’s household wastewater and stormwater are discharged daily (Muong, 2003). Numerous cultivated plots located within and around these peri-urban wetlands utilise the waste water to cultivate edible aquatic vegetables that help to supply the city’s food demand as well as other areas of Cambodia. (Khov et al, 2005). Boeung Cheung Ek (BCE) Lake is the largest of  these water bodies, covering 3403 hectares of land 5 km South of the city centre. The lake receives 80% of the waste/sewage water from the city along with untreated effluent from 3000 small and large scale industrial enterprises. The lake is an effective, low cost means of biological treatment of the city’s waste water through its aquatic veget able production, capturing and reutilising valuable nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) that otherwise would have been lost from the discharged urban waste water (Dalsgaard 2006).”


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