Phnom Penh City Development Strategy 2005

Source: Phnom Penh Municipality

PDF of the City Development Strategy.

Excerpt (some English corrections made for clarity):

“This City Development Strategy (CDS) is a basic document for overall development. CDS plan aims to:

1- Improve good governance.

2- Promote local economic development.

3- Strengthen the system of urban poverty reduction program in a sustainable way.

In the process of economic globalization in Cambodia, Phnom Penh the Capital City has played a key role in country ‘s economic development.

The sustainability of city development is dependent upon:

1- Master plan of development zones.

2- The city development strategy (CDS).

The participation of relevant stakeholders, municipal line departments, divisions, Khans, Sangkats, the private sector and communities have been mobilized in developing this framework of the City Development Strategy. “Phnom Penh will become the pearl of Asia”.

On behalf of the Municipal Development Committee (MDC) and my own, I would like to express sincere thanks to all the leaders, officials, companies, local people and NGOs/IOs for their efforts to prepare CDS .I also expect that we all will prepare the operational plan and pursue the implementation and monitor its effectiveness based on this CDS framework.

Governor of Phnom Penh City Kep Chuktema


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