Imagine Life Without a Toilet

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World Toilet Organization created WTD to raise global awareness of the struggle 2.6 billion face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation.WTD also brings to the forefront the health, emotional and psychological consequences the poor endure as a result of inadequate sanitation.


Sat 19 November was World Toilet Day – a global day to celebrate the humble toilet and raise awareness that lack of sanitation in the developing world is a major killer. Dirty water, contaminated by human waste, is killing 4,000 children a day. That’s why WaterAid has launched Water Works…

  1. World Toilet Day | WaterAid

    World Toilet Day Saturday 19 November 2011. It’s ten years since the first World Toilet Day and there are still 2.6 billion people …
  2. The world needs more toilets –

    1 day ago … More than 40 percent of the world’s population does not have access to a toilet, creating a global sanitation crisis,…
  3. World Toilet Day: Don’t flush your #rights away says UN expert on right to safe drinking water & sanitation
  4. Why the world needs more #toilets. Only 60% have access to one… that’s a lot of #stinky stuff in bushes people!!!…
  5. World Toilet Day: Matt Damon Talks Sh*t For Global Sanitation Awareness (VIDEO) – Huffington Post
  6. Of course, people always latch onto the funny side of toilets too, and there’s nothing wrong with that… A bit of toilet humour can go a long way to helping spread the message:
  7. That World Toilet Day follows International Men’s Day is a complete coincidence. Right?
  8. “@mental_floss: Today is World Toilet Day. Happy World Toilet Day.” I was going to mention about a crappy day but I changed my mind.
  9. Apparently it is world toilet day today. Amazing! Here is my contribution, coolest mens loo anywhere.
  10. But behind the humour, there are some shocking facts…
  11. RT @ONEDROPdotorg: More than one person out of three (i.e. 2.5 billion people) does not have access to a toilet #wtd2011
  12. Shocking fact: More people have a mobile phone than a toilet. via @Water #wtd2011 RT @onecampaign
  13. This is why WaterAid has launched a new global campaign, Water Works, to highlight the water and sanitation crisis, and the fact that so little money is being invested in water and sanitation even though we know – simply – that Water Works:
  14. Home – Water Works

    Tell world leaders today: Water Works! Governments can do so much more to tackle the global water and sanitation crisis. Taps and toile…
  15. Water Works
    6 days ago
  16. Toilets and taps are cheap & save lives- let’s make sure everyone has one. Support @wateraid #waterworks
  17. RT @AlertNet: Aid cash must double to tackle sanitation crisis – WaterAid #WTD2011 #WorldToiletDay // @WaterAid
  18. RT @WaterAid: Toilets and taps save lives. Check out @wateraid ‘s new campaign and video here
  19. Happy World Toilet Day! It may sound weird but 2.6 billion people have nowhere to go to the toilet.. #giveacrap #WTD2011#waterworks
  20. It was great to see Jon Snow (Channel 4) getting behind the campaign:
  21. Excellent WaterAid campaign and article on our collective failure heading toward 2015:…
    4 days ago
  22. And, in the real world, WaterAid supporters were also taking action!
  23. N London WaterAid group campaigning for World Toilet Day at Edgware Shopping Centre
  24. World Toilet Day » WASH Advocacy Initiative

    Crisis Talks are being organized across the globe on and around World Toilet Day 2011. Plans are underway in Tanzania, Nigeria, Pakista…
  25. Toilets and taps save lives. Check out @wateraid ‘s new campaign, video and infographic #waterworks Happy #wtd2011 !
  26. While in the US, WaterAid teamed up with Amnesty International to highlight the issues with their Give a Crap campaign…
  27. Clean Water and Sanitation Are Human Rights | Amnesty …

    Download our flyer – Give a Crap About Human Rights! Download our flyer – Learn more about how you can participate in our Give a Crap A…
  28. Happy #WorldToiletDay! Tell your Senators #sanitation is #womensrights #giveacrap @WaterAidAmerica @demanddignity
  29. FACT: Toilets have saved more lives than any other invention. via @gatesfoundation #WorldToiletDay #giveacrap
    4 days ago
  30. FACT: Every $1 investment in #sanitation produces $9 in economic benefits. via @gatesfoundation #WorldToiletDay #giveacrap
    4 days ago

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