Open Development Cambodia


Open Development Cambodia is an online hub compiling freely available data in a ‘one-stop shop’ to help consolidate access to up-to-date information about Cambodia, using an ‘open data’ approach. By making materials available to all users, the site intends to facilitate stronger communication between public, private and international sectors.


At a time when financial markets are experiencing instability, Cambodia continues to experience continued growth.


Global attention is turning to Cambodia’s agricultural sector, its extractive industries, the garment trade, and tourism. Companies used to informal arrangements are hurriedly reviewing and rearranging their reportage to comply with international standards. The rapid growth of many business areas also highlights issues of sustainability, development trends, and government policy.


With the opening of Cambodia’s new stock market, transparency for local industry and institutions has become a significant concern in order to establish functional connections with the international business community.


Cambodian government information technology policy has encouraged the use of open source programs and the uncensored transmission of information, resulting in an energetic IT community that has produced Khmer Unicode and indigenized software.


Arising from the philosophy of the open source software community, open data programs are common in the developed world and continuing to grow globally.


By applying international standards to local challenges, an open data approach to consolidating and referencing Cambodian economic information provides an excellent opportunity to continue cultivating a culture of openness and transparency.


The Open Data Cambodia Project was conceived by East-West Management Institute in consultation with local and international partners. The project is assisted by a diverse advisory board, and implemented by local contractors with initial project funding provided by USAID. The project aims to be self-sustaining via grants, sponsorships and donations.


For the site’s initial iteration, primary data sets are reportage and map information.
All data used is publicly available. Any copyrighted material is cited/featured according to internationally recognized ‘fair use’ standards.


Open Data Cambodia seeks partnerships to expand operations, acquire data, and increase accessibility. Queries may be directed to the project development team via


Our advisory board:
Norbert KleinThe Internet Society, Cambodia.
Margaret Bywater, Librarian
Chak SopheapWriter and Editor
Michael Sullivan, Researcher
Thy Try, Coordinator, Extractive Industry Social Environmental Impact Working Group
Soy Kim HourDomrei Research



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