Agency of Mapping: Phnom Penh

“Mapping is a fantastic cultural project, creating and building the world as much as measuring and describing it. Long affiliated with the planning and designing of cities, landscapes and buildings, mpaping is particularly instrumental in the construing and constructing of lived space.

In this active sense, the function of mapping is less to mirror reality than to engender the re-shaping of the worlds in which we live. While there are countless examples of authoritarian, simplistic, erroneous and coercive acts of mapping, with the reductive effects upon both individuals and environments, I focus on this essay upon more optimistic revisions of mapping practices.

These revisions situate mapping as a collective, enabling enterprise, a project that both reveals and realizes hidden potential. Hence, in describing the ‘agency’ of mapping, I do not means to invoke agendas of imperialist technocracy and control but rather to suggest ways in which mapping acts may emancipate potentials, enrich experiences and diversify worlds.

We have been adequately cautioned about mapping as a means of projecting power-knowledge, but what about mapping as a productive and liberating instrument, a world-enriching agency, especially in the design and planning arts?

As a creative practice, mapping precipitates its most productive effects through a finding that is also a founding; its agency lies in neither reproduction nor imposition but rather in uncovering realities previously unseen or unimagined, even across seemingly exhausted grounds. Thus mapping, unfolds potential it re-makes territory over and over again, each time with new and diverse consequences.”

Source: Corner – Agency of Mapping

Here are past efforts to find a current digital map of Phnom Penh.

GIS Map Hunt
CGIS Map Hunt
Pusey Map Collection
Open Source Mapping

And a few maps shared or made.

A figure/ground Adobe Illustrator File (Mac CS5) traced from a tourist map.
An AutoCAD map Version 1.
An AutoCAD map Version 2.

And below are several tourists maps from various websites.
Source: Google search October 29, 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Agency of Mapping: Phnom Penh

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  2. […] Several tourists maps from various websites (at bottom of the linked page). Source: Google search October 29, 2011. […]

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