Camko City – Phnom Penh Satellite City


From Wikipedia:

Camko City is an urban development project in suburban Phnom PenhCambodia. It is currently under construction by World City Co., Ltd., and the project is divided into 6 phases.

Camko City is in the Russei Keo District, about 3km north of the centre of Phnom Penh. It was approved as a development zone for a new satellite city in February 2003 by the Bureau of Urban Planning of the Municipality of Phnom Penh.

The first phase of the project began December 2005 and is expected to be completed in 2018. It will comprise of the construction of villas, townhouses and high-rise residential condominiums. When built the Phase I will have some 1,000 units. As of 2009, more than half of the condominiums are sold while the townhouses and villas are sold out, although construction has just begun with piling materials.

Includes 4 to 6 lane paved roads, water supply & sewage system, stable electrical system, high speed information and telecommunication lines and systems, electronic security systems and sustainable environmental systems. Constructions of new residential units are being imposed along with new infastructures such as skyscrapers.


Pong Peay Lake Development zone, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
Kingdom of Cambodia
Fastest Growing Economy in Indochina with annual growth rate of 14%
Glorious historic heritage of Angkor Dynasty with one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Angkor Wat
Pure Capitalistic Economy with free market system and constitutional ownership right
Phnom Penh
Capital City of Cambodia
Central Point of Cultural, Technological, Economical and Political Evolution
Undergoing Rapid Urbanization and industrialization with increasing FDI
New Town Project Site
3 Km away from the heart of Phnom Penh, Municipality of Phnom Penh
Appointed as a development zone for the “New Satellite City” in February of 2003 by Bureau of Urban Planning in Municipality of Phnom Penh
Located in the central urbanization area of North-West Development zone in Phnom Penh
First and Largest urban development project in Cambodia
Advanced urban complex with residential, commercial and public facilities
Modern Infrastructures
– 4 to 6 lanes paved roads, water supply & sewage system, stable electrical system
– High speed information and Telecommunication lines and systems
– Electronic security systems
– Sustainable environmental systems
New residential system will enhance the Cambodian life style
– The first introduction of modern high-rise condominiums in Cambodia
– Newly developed housing system
Project Site Area : 119 ha
Project Period : 2005 ~ 2018 (6 phases)
Total Project Cost : US$ 2 billion
Major facilities
– Commercial area
Trade center, Convention center, Exhibition center, Financing center, Office buildings,Shopping centers, Hotels, Serviced Residence
– Public area
Public schools, International schools, Technical college, General hospital, Cultural centers, Government offices
– Residential area
Villas, Town houses, Mid & High-rise condominium

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