Current Flooding Thailand + Cambodia

There is at least some information available online about the extent of the flooding in Thailand.

Last updated October 14, 2011

Bangkok Flood Map

Bangkok Flood Map

THAILAND: Flooding near the Bangkok Metropolitan Area as of 13 October 2011 (PDF 1.46MB)

THAILAND: Floods as of 13 October 2011 (PDF 1.3MB)

Flood maps (Thai Language) can be found at various internet sites including newspapers and:  (PDF 968KB) – The maps are indicative and actual flooding conditions may change rapidly

Map of key water infrastructure in Bangkok (THAI):

Map showing expected flow of water around Bangkok (ENGLISH)

GISTDA Thailand Flood Monitoring System – map of affected sub-districts, satellite images, as well as useful GIS data (SHP, KMZ, WMS).  (Mostly THAI)

Map of flooded roads indicating which are passable and which are not. (THAI)

Basic geographic information about dams in Thailand (ENGLISH)

Live Doppler radar image of Bangkok showing rainfall (Mostly THAI)


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