JICA Phase 1

The Project for Flood Protection and Drainage Improvement in Phnom Penh Phase I
It was a prior project selected from the Master Plan studied in 1999 and was revised step by step during 2000 for the Japan Fiscal Year 2001. Then, the government of Cambodia and Japan had signed on the Exchange of Note on August 27, 2002 to grant this project in the budget of 1,944 Million Yen.
-Duration of the Project:
• From December 2002 to September 2004
-Scope of Works:
• Improvement of Svay Pak Drainage Sluice way
• Reinforcement Tompun Ring Dike of 4.34km
• Construction of new Boeung Tompun Pumping Station with a capacity of 2,635m, construction of a 1,020m connecting sluice way to Boeung Tompun Pumping station and 3 concrete bridges along Mean Chey Channel.
• Construction 887m of Salang Drainage Channel in the downstream and one bridge.
• Construction of Salang Drainage Sluice way
• Construction of Tum Nup Toek Drainage Sluice way
-Results: Reduce rain water in southern part of Phnom Penh and other parts of Khan Toul Kork, Khan Chamkar Mon and Khan Mean Chey; particularly protecting southern part of Phnom Penh from inundation from Mekong River because Boeng Tompun Dike was constructed and reinforced and turned into an important ring road in the southern part of Phnom Penh.

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