Flood Protection Phase 3 Study Completed

Flood Protection Phase 3 Study Completed
Thursday, 13 Jan 2011 11:44
The Preparatory Survey Report on the Project for Flood Protection and Drainage Improvement in Phnom Penh Capital City Phase 3, the Japan’s ODA (Official Development Assistance) was discussed among JICA team and relevant agencies before submitting to the Government of Japan for official approval; the discussion meeting was chaired by H.E KEP Chuk Tema, Governor of Phnom Penh Capital City in the morning of January 12, 2011 at Capital Hall.
JICA mission team led by Mr. Wataru ONO, Acting Team Leader has explained on the report such as: Basic Concept of the Project, Outline Design of the Requested Japanese Assistance, Obligations of Recipient Country, Project Operation Plan and Project Cost Estimation. The Project will cover on:

1- Improvement of Drainage Network (Drainage Pipe Installation): in total length of 20.65km which includes:
– Ou Russei Area : 3.93 km
– Boeng Reang Area : 2.43 km
– Monireth Area : 2.05 km
– Toul Svay Prey Area : 2.52 km
– Toul Sleng Area : 2.47 km
– Boeng Keng Kang Area : 3.04 km
– Toul Tumpun North Area : 1.15 km
– Toul Tumpun South Area : 3.06 km
2- Reconstruction of Sediment Chamber at Road 240
3- Procurement of Cleaning Equipment for Drainage Pipe which includes:
– 2 sets of “High Water-Jet and Sludge Sucker”

In that occasion, H.E Governor, in the name of Phnom Penh Citizens, expressed his pleasure and deepest gratitude to the Government of Japan and its people in helping this city for the sustainable development; he strongly expects that the Government of Japan will approve on this Proposed Project very soon. Moreover, H.E Governorrecommended to all local authorities such as Sangkats/Khans that involve in this Project to keep recording on the rain water level because it is their duties and asked them to well maintain the achievement which were completely constructed and prevent from illegal temporary buildings. For Boeung Trabek issue, Khan/Sangakt must have in hands the exact number of people properly.

The Drainage improvement work before and after the Project and the expected results after completion of the Project; Drainage improvement work is more convenient and modern


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