Flood Crisis in Siem Reap

Unfortunately not just an academic pursuit:

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The flash floods of last Sunday in Siem Reap coupled with heavy rain at the beginning of the week have badly affected many of the marginalized communities and vulnerable families that our Kaliyan Mith program works with in that area.

At the moment 34 families from 10 communities are very seriously affected by the flooding and are receiving food and other support from our teams, with 9 persons displaced by the floods taking refuge in one of our centers. These numbers will almost certainly increase as our teams are still trying to reach other communities cut off by the floods, and there is a growing likelihood of further flooding in the coming days.

Our program activities have also been severely disrupted, with our Training and Education centers in Siem Reap having to close. We hope to reopen these as soon as possible.

Source: http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=202852

Flood Kills 14 in Cambodia
Saturday, September 17, 2011
Afp, Phnom Penh

Fourteen Cambodians, half of them children, have been killed in floods in recent days as heavy rains battered the kingdom, an official said yesterday.

Rising waters have inundated large areas of the country, washing through towns and saturating thousands of hectares (acres) of rice paddies, Keo Vy of the National Committee for Disaster Management told AFP.

Five children under the age of 12 were among 11 killed in the central province of Kampong Thom over the past week, while a 13-year-old girl died after falling into floodwaters in northwestern tourist hub Siem Reap province.

In northern Preah Vihear province one child and a woman also drowned in the flooding, he said.

Cambodia’s ministry of water resources and meteorology on Thursday issued a warning that a low-pressure system was developing over Laos and Thailand that would bring more heavy rains and rising river levels.

At least 12 people died when the Mekong river flooded last month, Keo Vy said.

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