Human-Centered Design Innovation Lab (HCD i-lab)

Human Centered Design Toolkit – with IDEO

This project, funded by International Development Enterprise (IDE) as part of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sought to provide NGOs and social enterprises with the tools to do just that. IDEO, in collaboration with nonprofit groups ICRW and Heifer International, developed the HCD Toolkit to help international staff and volunteers understand a community’s needs in new ways, find innovative solutions to meet those needs, and deliver solutions with financial sustainability in mind.

The HCD Toolkit was designed specifically for NGOs and social enterprises that work with impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The free kit, available for download here, walks users through the human-centered design process and supports them in activities such as building listening skills, running workshops, and implementing ideas. The process has led to innovations such as the HeartStart defibrillator, CleanWell natural antibacterial products, and the Blood Donor System for the Red Cross—all of which have enhanced the lives of millions of people.

International Development Enterprises Cambodia

Poverty is a multi-faceted problem arising from a variety of interrelated factors: economic, political, social, cultural, and environmental. IDE focuses primarily on income poverty because of its fundamental connection to other aspects and causes of poverty. Increased income provides a foundation from which the poor can access food, housing, health, education, and other necessities to begin an upward spiral out of chronic deprivation and vulnerability. Addressing income poverty is a practical starting point from which to attack a broad range of issues surrounding poverty.

HCD i-Lab

Apple, Lexus, Coca-Cola…Companies that create the worlds’ most innovative products all use the same innovation method called Human‐Centered Design (HCD). HCD is a best‐practice in successful companies, but it’s mostly used to create products and services for the richest 10% of the world.

Imagine if we could apply this successful method to solve the most difficult problems faced by the world’s poorest people. Recently, a few social businesses have launched successful innovations such as solar lights, drinking water systems, and infant incubators – to improve the lives of the poor in Africa, India, and beyond.

We are building the first Human-Centered Design Innovation Lab (HCD i-Lab) in Cambodia. But instead of targeting the wealthy, we will use HCD to design solutions for the country’s poorest people.

We are recruiting a cross‐functional team of top HCD experts, with different backgrounds from around the globe.  We are looking for one top-calibre Innovation Manager who is a Cambodian National with International experience to join our team. This is an opportunity to learn from the best, and to develop deep knowledge in a methodology that is still new to Cambodia, but has been used for many years by successful innovation companies. You will take on significant responsibility, and work a creative environment that offers a variety of challenges and constant learning and development.


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