Restoring Ankgor Wat

Source: Molyvann, Vann. Modern Khmer Cities. Phnom Penh, Cambodia : Reyum ; [Chicago, IL?] : Sales and distribution, USA, Art Media Resources, c2003.

Map of Angkor


“If the hydraulic system of Angkor should be restored and reutilized, then what actions can be taken to prevent the dangers of geological movement and systematic collapse? Few immediate measures are at our disposal. We can, however, propose some counter measures to the vices of the system outlined by Groslier. These counter measures include reforestation of the Kulens as well as the preservation of the remaining Forest of the Temples; restoration of the reservoirs, lakes and ponds; restoration and protection of an adequate ground water level; and anti-erosion measures along the rivers. Measures should also be taken to stop excess siltation in the Greak Lake, and navigation channels should be dredged and kept open in it. Most importantly, ambitious development plans which risk destroying the already precarious ecological equilibrium of the region (for example, the project to dam the Great lake proposed by the Mekong Commission in 1964) should be stopped.”

Great Lake

Ecological Zones


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