Phnom Penh Before and After 1997

Khon, Pen. Phnom Penh Before and After 1997. Phnom Penh : s.n., 2000?

I found this book on WorldCat through interlibrary loan – it hails from the University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library. Although it appears in name on Amazon it isn’t available for purchase. A Google search also brings up very little – and it appears that there are few printed copies available. It is written in an strange tone – which could be a translation issue – but nonetheless makes me wish I knew more about its origins and the author. The text reads like something between journalism and not propaganda exactly, but carefully supportive of the government perhaps? The  only thing I can find about the author is that he is a journalist at the Raksmey Kampuchea Newspaper – which according to Wikipedia – Rasmei Kampuchea (Light of Kampuchea) is Cambodia’s largest daily newspaper. It circulates about 18,000 copies every day in the Khmer language.

Some scans from the book: Phnom Penh Before and After 1997
A chronology of the 20th century which strangely ends in 1970 prior to the Khmer Rouge. Chronicle of Events_Phnom Penh Before and After 1997
A diagram of the structure of the Phnom Penh government:

Pages from Phnom Penh Before and After 1997-2_Page_2

Pages from Phnom Penh Before and After 1997-2_Page_1

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