Open Source Mapping


During my thesis a friend of mine, Jeff Warren of Grassroots Mapping and the MIT Media Lab, introduced me to the concept of open source mapping. When my thesis site – Neft Dashlari (Oil Rocks) showed up on Google Earth only in name – he offered some tips on how to find other maps and posted them to the website. Another example: during the BP Gulf Oil Spill the group used grassroots mapping to map the extent of the oil spill – thereby offering an alternate narrative to the one told by the mainstream press.

Open Source Mapping Resources

Open Street Map is a project that engages the public in the project of developing digital map data comparable with Google maps.

GeoFabrik Web Site
Geofabrik was created out of the conviction that free geodata created by projects like OpenStreetMap will become increasingly attractive for commercial uses.

More Mapping Resources

Google Maps
Google Earth
Bing Maps
Digital Globe
Mango Map
USGS Seamless Data Viewer
USGS Earth Explorer 
The United Nations Environnment Progarm GIS Data Bank.

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